Monday, January 9, 2012

4 Free, Simple New Years Resolutions That Everyone Needs to Stick To - Time to Get Motivated!

Today I'm feeling extremely motivated, therefore I've been thinking about ways to improve my life and all around well-being. Just like my need use use to-do lists, if I just break down my large goals into smaller, more manageable tasks I know I can accomplish anything!!!

So, as the New Year has just passed, as many of you are doing (and heeding my own advice) I'm going to physically write down my goals and planned accomplishments for this year (because i really do get more done this way):

(1) Get off the computer and get something done! I know you've been there, too! By simply reading the news, browsing Facebook, or pouring over my Pinterest boards I find myself engrossed in the wonders and accomplishments of other people. The problem is I often forget about what, I, myself am doing! I feel like I've lost sooo much time over the last few years by just sitting and not DOING. One of my most important goals for this year is to get out and DO, not just WATCH from the sidelines. Nothing in life is accomplished by just sitting idle. 

(2) Keep a regular schedule. It is not good for me, my family, or my son for me to make spur of the moment decisions like, "Oooo! I love this lamp, let me go out to Target right now to buy it!" or "I think I'll stay up just an hour longer..." I need to keep my tasks, health, and budget in order this year. The best way to do that for me is going to be to set a schedule and stick to it! (Yes, that includes gym visits, Miranda. -Oops!)

(3) Number one and number two now brings me to number three: GET OFF YOUR BUTT AND GO TO THE GYM! When I was going to the gym regularly, I felt I had more energy, my body didn't ache as much, and I really did notice results. Then there were those few days in there where I actually had appointments I had to go to where my regularly scheduled gym time would usually be and then the whole routine went out the window. No more excuses for me. Like Nike, I'm going to JUST DO IT! I will see results if I stick to it!

(4)Spend less money. My boyfriend says it over, and over, and over, and over, and over again (Jeez, you'd think I'd get it by now!), "Spending less money is like making more money." {light bulb going off!} Well, since he has always spent less AND made more money than me, maybe there's some truth to that. I mean if I make a million dollars a year, but I spend a million dollars a year I'm still going to be broke! I'm deciding once and for all that I'm going to put a stop to my impulse buying and start SAVING more. Budgeting will be key for me this year!

By writing my goals down I now have PROOF that I made these resolutions and I no longer have any excuses not to follow them, and I challenge you to do the same. These resolutions are going to make my life better and I'm all about that! What are some of your New Year's resolutions? How are you going to be improving your life in 2012? These are all serious, but exciting questions we all need to be asking ourselves. May 2012 be a stellar year for all of us by simply sticking to our standards!

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  1. The gym and saving money are definitely on my list too!

  2. Those are GREAT goals for this year. I am totally feeling every one of them for myself, too! :/


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