Friday, December 2, 2011

Playroom Inspiration!

So I'm no sure how many of you out there reading this have kids, but if you have a toddler or small child like I do, I'm sure this will be a post you will be able to relate to. I love my toddler, but let me tell you he is work! He is one of the most curious busy-bodies I have ever seen!

Unfortunately, the only space in our house that is currently safe for him to play and roam freely is our teeny teeny tiny little office. Our house has three stairways (all of which have gates, but he has figured out how to open), two fireplaces, and one of the main living areas of our home is concrete {yea - not so safe for a baby}. The main reason we stay in the office: it has a door.

He can usually play in the office without fear of seriously injuring himself and he can spread out all his toys and go at it, but on the other hand the space is sooo confining he gets bored extremely easily. He occasionally looks out the sliding glass door from the patio onto our attached balcony, but mostly the view isn't very enticing for him. We have a small television in the room, but it is sitting very high for his little neck to crane up and look at all the time. The television in the office also doesn't have a DVD player due to the fact that he tries to rip all the cords out of a DVD player if we attach one, and mommy is SERIOUSLY going to go insane if I have to watch the same episode of Sesame Street one more time! As he gets older, this space will just seem more and more confining and less and less hospitable for him. So in conclusion, we have a problem.

But alas, most problems have practical solutions, and we think we might have found one. We have a large room in our finished basement that is currently unfinished, and guess what? It also has a door!  We plan to convert this space into a finished playroom for our son and any future children. It's pretty large, approximately 35 by 18 feet, so we could add everything from a craft station to an entertainment center, to bookshelves, to a sectional, and whatever else his little heart desires. Ahhh! So exciting, renovation and a new room for the little one all in one fowl swoop!

So of course, like everything else in my life lately, I've been finding TONS of inspiration from Pinterest for our new undertaking. Here are some ideas that I like love:

I found this one via Modern Parents Messy Kids and the space was featured in the spring edition of Lonny Magazine. It was featured to highlight the LARGE scale wall quote, but I really love the space for it's color and that sectional! It is also reminiscent of our unfinished space, very long. Check it out.

I actually found this one from HGTV's rate my space boards. The one pictured isn't actually IN a playroom, but I'd like to incorporate something like this into mine. The large scale magnet board, chalk board, and pin board are so brilliant. You can showcase your child's work in a random fashion and still maintain an organized look and feel. Love it.

I also really like this idea of a magnetic art center to add to the magnet boards from Angie over at Burton Avenue.

And who can deny the utter adorable-ness of these boy statements? I mean, my boys are my joy after all. 

This one was found via Spearmint Baby.
And this one from Offthewallexpression's Etsy Shop.

We were also thinking of adding some sort of built ins along an entire wall for book, toy, movie storage, etc. Kind of like this one I found on

And of course, how could I forget to mention these super cool rain gutter/baseboard inspiried bookshelves from Courtney at And Then There Was Home.

If you couldn't tell by now, I'm a very visual person! These pictures have definitely inspired me to make an AWESOME playroom of my own for my little one. What does our playroom have in store? Only time will tell. Stay tuned for updates to our playroom renovation.

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