Thursday, January 5, 2012

Why You Can't Ever Get to EVERYTHING In Your Day

Do you ever feel like that? I do! All. The. Time. Today I was running around, trying to get my son dressed to meet up with my mom for a lunch date, attempting to pack a gym bag, make and clean bottles, get the car running in this wintery cold, and get dressed (myself) ALL at the same time! Ah! Crazy. {and the worst part was I didn't even make it to the gym :( }

Anyhow, in the car on the way to lunch I thought to myself: What can I do that would really help me get more done in my day? I pondered everything from a strictly followed, rigid schedule to possibly even getting a babysitter so that I could get more things done around the house. I mean, a babysitter? Really? Stay at home moms are supposed to have all the free time in the world, right? Or so I once thought..

Then during my son's nap I started browsing my Pinterest boards (yea, really following a strict schedule now - oops) and I came upon something so simple, that we've all been taught since we were just wee tiny ones. Duh! Write down a to-do list! I always think up all the tasks I have to do during the day, but I never end up writing them down. Well I think all that is about to change, because I found these:

Isn't this one of the most adorable to-do lists you've ever seen? I really was one excited mom nerd.

I LOVE this one because it even has a reminder to exercise and drink the daily recommended amount of water. Genius! I never drink enough water. Maybe now I can remember I still need to visit the gym ;).  

This dry-erase board is so adorable!

And if you want to take it to extremes, you could even go with this board which includes to-do lists, day planner, calendar, and even a family message center!

These lists/board have everything you could possibly think of to remember to incorporate into your day, week, month, or even your year! They have thought of everything busy moms like me need to get done like laundry, dishes, working out, kids' activities, e-mails and calls, and even drinking the right amount of water! Props to everyone who made these lists. Now if I could just choose ONE to start using, there are so many great ones it's going to be hard! You can find the sources to all of these lists by simply clicking on the picture, or find even more cute to-do lists and organization idea on this Pinterest board.

Happy To-Doing everyone. :)


  1. Great round up! I like the list with the water reminder, too! I hate water, but maybe having them on my list to mark off will make me drink more. HA!

  2. I'd definitely frame whichever list you choose so you can keep reusing it! I use lists a lot but I always forget to look at them!


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