Sunday, December 18, 2011

Oh, Deer! Reindeer Inspiration is Prancing in My Head

I am so in the Christmas spirit today! I just feel it everywhere. There's snow on the ground, today we're going to go shopping for some last minute Christmas toys for little man, and I'm putting the finishing touches on all of my handmade gifts and Christmas home decor!

Anyways I was surfing the net and found these pillows! I WANT THEM SO BAD!! I'll have to make something like this next year. Aren't they aewsome?! You can find them over in SewEnglish's Etsy shop.

In the process of decorating my house, I just can't get enough Christmas printables either! So getting inspiration from the above pillows masterpieces, I decided to make {yet another} Christmas printable for my home. I really love this one because it's a little more funky, little more modern, a little more ME! 

'Oh, DEER Printable'

Ocean Breeze





I mean, you CAN'T have a Christmas with kids without Rudolph! I created five color choices {really because I couldn't make up my mind about which color I loved more}! You can find the download link here. Hope you loooove them as much as I do! What's your favorite 'Oh, Deer' color?

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  1. How fun! Thank you so much for linking up, I'm sure glad you did! Your printable is awesome, and would make such sweet greeting cards! Jen @

  2. Thanks, I'm glad I linked up, too! g\Greeting cards would be a great idea!

  3. I'm crazy about reindeer this winter. These are adorable. Thanks for the find. I think I'm going with the brunette, but they all are perfect.

  4. Miranda, These are precious! Love your funky, modern touches. Oh dear, just happens to be one of my favorite sayings (with tons of sarcasm)! Dana

  5. I saw this via Yesterday on Tuesday and HAD to come and tell you how much I love it. I love, love, love, your style girlie!

  6. Well, thank ya ma'am! Hope you enjoy it.

  7. These are so cute, will you offer them again this year? The link expired :(


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