Thursday, December 1, 2011

An Early New Year's Resolution

So recently I've been on this super Pinteset kick, yea go figure who hasn't?!


I've been seeing so many inspirational quotes, I keep saying to myself, "Ooo! I want to hang that one up," Oh, that's a great one," "I need that one in my office," and I just keep on finding some REALLY great stuff. Which has got me thinking. I'm sitting here on the computer and I'm just looking at this stuff-dreaming of the possibilites for my life, dreaming of the possibilites of all the things I could do with all this great new knowledge that I'm soaking up. But I'm not doing anything, I'm still sitting here at my computer!

This free printable from Joy Kelly of  How Joyful was a true inspiration. I love when typography meets a great message!
Also, you can purchase this print from unraveleddesign. So cute!
This one will probably be one of the most popular of all of 2011, with the passing of Steve Jobs and all. R.I.P. Steve. Kelly at Fabulous K created this one in memoriam.
These are some majorly successful and inspirational people we're talking about here. I mean Steve Jobs and Julia Child!

So in celebration that the first day of 2012 is only one month from today [and in honor of my inspirational quote/Pinterest addiction]  I'm declaring an early New Year's resolution {and maybe, possibly the first true resolution that I really plan to stick to and have a passion for in my ENTIRE life}.

*I don't want to just dream and hope. I want to get up and DO.* (insert Nike slogan)

My resolution is to first and foremost, expand my mind.
There is no doing without dreaming.
Secondly, I want to learn new things.
New techniques, new recipes, new crafts, new exercises, new everything.
This is going to be the year that I really get out there and learn who I am as an individual.

Over the course of this next year I hope to learn more about the person I used to be, the person I am today, and most importantly {the person who I WANT to be}.

So cheers to the new year!

I hope I've been inspiring to at least one other person out there, because that would just make me a better me than I was a moment ago.  :)

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year everyone!

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