Monday, December 5, 2011

Photo Shoot Style for Little Man

So I had my son's holiday photos taken at a studio on Wednesday. They were not at all what I had in mind. I've had his pictures taken at this studio 5 or 6 times since he's been born and have always been extremely happy, except for this time. It's the holiday season, they were training new staff, the place was a zoo, we were feeling rushed, and on top of that I got the newest photographer. Great. So needless to say the pictures didn't come out to either mine nor my mother's liking. :(

Here's one of them that I actually like.

Although, somewhat reminiscent of ones we've had taken before, like these:

Anyhow, we might go back and have them redone. {Hopefully} We still have to talk to the manager of the studio again before that can happen. But again, I've been browsing the net for inspiration to style my little one and here are some great options that I've found, many of them you can make yourself and personalize [which has to be one of the greatest parts]!

This look, which I found at Green Wedding Shoes, was originally intended for a ring bearer. How could anyone resist this classic 30's look complete with suspenders, bow tie, and saddle shoes? ADORABLE. I love the idea of just black and white for the Christmas photos, too, because I felt it would be a classic look I would always love.
Although not a bow tie, lucky for me (and now you) I found a great free tutorial on how to make a tie for your own little guy. Ashley at Lil Blue Boo did a great job with this free PDF downloadable pattern!

This free pattern for toddler suspenders from Courtenay at Days Like This would make the whole look complete.

If you don't have time for making several different pieces, this tie and vest onesie from Rock n Rags' Etsy shop would be perfect.

Unfortunately for me, my little one won't wear a hat (at least most of the time). But if he would, something like this look{only not as summery} would be an awesome casual laid back look! This one is compliments of The Gap.

Oh, how I wished I owned all of these outfits for him, but then again making them for him would be so much fun! Maybe I'll have time to whip something up before the next scheduled shoot. ;) Fingers crossed!

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